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Static Back

What makes the Static Back move so incredibly effective lies in its simplicity. As you watch someone going through the Static Back routine it may look like they are just laying there. That they are totally passive.Actually the truth is that static back is an incredibly active maneuver. It is a symmetrical stimulus that is […]

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Surf Recovery Exercises

Howdy: Hope you have been getting some of this solid South Swell! Winds have not been the greatest here on the Central Coast but there has definitely been some solid push. The extra power in the swell can give more punishment on the body. Don’t let that punishment build up. Give yourself the recovery you need. Recoup strength and […]

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Alcohol & Surf Performance: What You Need to Know

I am a big advocate of a balanced lifestyle. I preach moderation NOT restriction. Having recently gone through a Detox Challenge (No sugar, alcohol, grains, carbs, or coffee) It really reminded me to reset what I define as moderation. That amount can creep up slowly and get hugely out of whack. So without further ado, lets talk […]

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5 Exercises to Explode your Surf Performance

I’ve been working on this program to get surfers to take action. What kind of action? Starting and sticking with a fitness program out of the water.  A program to fill in the spaces, sometimes gapping, that surfers can gain when there only physical output is surfing. This is what I am asking of you. Dedicate to completing […]

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